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Debra Ann Murray was born on July 13, 1961, in rural Gilford New Hampshire.  Debra’s Passion for food and cooking started at a very early age.  Her family worked very hard with their huge annual garden which would feed them year-round, they also collected sap in the spring to make maple syrup.  “I thought my Grandmother was a magician. No matter what we brought her from our gathering whether berries, grapes, or things from the garden. She would transform them into the most delicious meal or baked good.  You could just feel the love that came from everything she made…” At a very young age, Debra decided she wanted to make people feel that love.

When she graduated High School her family started a sandwich business based on homemade bread and freshly roasted meats and delivered all over the state, including homemade Whoopie Pies and giant homemade muffins.  They were unsuccessful in this business venture, but Debra knew then that her passion was cooking and hospitality.

Debra worked in a lot of popular bars and restaurants in the St Petersburg area as a bartender, caterer, and Manager of Food and Beverage.  At thirty when her daughter was born, Debra pursued a career in photography. for nearly a decade Debra did portrait and sports photography in Pinellas and Hillsborough County.

In 1998 she saw an ad for a food stylist position at a TV network.  Debra had a taken a photo journal of the parties she had catered, the images got Debra the position.  While employed by HSN Debra worked as stylist for many famous food celebrities. Two celebrities in particular Suzanne Somers and Wolfgang Puck hired Debra to be their assistant and stylist whenever they came to the network.  They both had Debra on stage with them, as well as had her help develop recipes for their cookbooks.  Wolfgang eventually requested Debra to represent the Wolfgang Puck brand even when he was not on air.  Debra authored 9 cookbooks on how to use the appliances that she and Wolfgang demonstrated.

In 2011 Debra developed her family based catering company that catered to some of the elite in the Tampa Bay Area, including private parties for celebrities such as Lionel Ritchie and Rhonda Shear and weddings. The catering company expanded to a school hot lunch program for a small Christian private school.

Debra Murray, named a “home cooking evangelist” by the Tampa Bay Times, is the sweetheart of on-air food demonstration.  She has appeared on TV in more than 85 million homes since 1998. Currently on her roster is Todd English and Paula Deen– who she food styles for and appears with on ShopHQ.

Debra Murray shares the same enthusiasm as her viewers– spending her weekends conjuring up new recipes, mailing signed books and interacting with her fans online. With having a passion for food since a young age, perfecting cooking is more than just a job for Debra Murray– it’s what makes her tick.

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