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Paula Deen's Chicken N Dumplings Recipe | Debra Murray Paula Deen's Grandmothers Chicken n Dumpling Recipe

March 29, 2020

Paula Deen’s Chicken N Dumplings Recipe

Post by Debra Murray

I love to cook all types of food, Italian, Cajun, Greek, Thai, and Indian. Over the years, I feel very confident that I have become very skilled at cooking ethnic food. The one style of cooking I never did master was southern cuisine. I grew up in the Northeast, and we made food very different than how the food was prepared in the south. We made our Chicken N’ Dumplings with lots of vegetables and biscuits as dumpling. There were two dishes I could never wrap my brain around; Chicken n Dumplings with the flat dumpling and the other how to make tender biscuits. So this entry is how to make Paula Deen’s Southern Style Chicken N’ Biscuits.

homemade biscuits

For those of you who are new to my blog, I am a cooking demonstrator on the Shopping channels. I began on HSN in 1998, and I have demonstrated products on TV all over the world. It is an excellent job that I thank the Lord every day for. In my time on TV, I have ha the opportunity to work with remarkable Chefs! I was thrilled to work with Paula Deen, I always adored Paula on her show; she has such a huge personality! Here is the link to two of my favorite Paula Deen recipes:

Monster Cookies

Grandma Paul’s Caramel Corn

I have developed a friendship with Paula Deen and her sons while they have been selling cooking products and food on ShopHQ. They are as impressive in person as they are on TV.
During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, I was asked to travel to Savannah to assist Paula with a live cooking broadcast from her home prior to the Safer-At-Home ordinance. I was thrilled for the opportunity! We faced some problems with trying to locate food for our show, so we were very modest with what we prepared in Savannah. Back in Minneapolis, the hosts would do a much larger demonstration of what the products could do. While I was doing the prep for the shows, I mentioned to Paula how I wish I could make better biscuits, and I never learned how to make Southern Chicken n Dumplings. Saturday night, Paula whipped open the cupboard and pulled out the ingredients and taught me how to make perfect biscuits. (That will be another blog entry)

On one of my trips to the store, Paula asked me to search the freezer section for packaged frozen dumplings. Paula had made homemade dumplings thousands of times, but professed this frozen product came out the same as her homemade with no mess, now she had my attention.

Mary B’s Frozen Dumplings
She also asked me to pick up chicken legs and thighs if I could find them. Paula wanted to make chicken n dumpling for her Aunt Peggy. Monday, right in the middle of one of our planned presentations, Paula switched gears and said, let’s make the chicken and dumplings. Here is the video of that episode.

When the shows finished on Monday, Paula ladled the chicken and broth into her pressure cooker, she added the frozen dumplings broken into thirds. She then closed the pressure cooker and cooked it for 10 minutes under pressure. It came out amazing!

Southern Style chicken n Dumplings
Paula sent me home with a cup full of love for my drive back to Florida; I remember thinking that every bite of the chicken n dumplings felt like I was getting a great big hug. If there is anything we all need more is a great big hug! Below is how she prepared her recipe:

Paula’s Recipe
5 quarts chicken stock
6 chicken leg quarters
½ tablespoon chopped garlic
2 bay leaves
½ cup of celery, chopped
1 cup onion, diced
2 teaspoons House Seasoning click on link to order – House Seasoning 5.7oz.
1 package Frozen Dumplings broken into pieces

In a large Stock Pot or Dutch oven, place all the ingredients except the dumplings and cook on medium for 1 ½ hour.
Remove the chicken from the stock and take off the bone if desired or just reserve.
De-fat the broth and place the broth into an electric pressure cooker and add the broken from dumplings.
Set the pressure cooker to high for 10 minutes.
When cook time is complete, and pressure is released, add the chicken back into the pot and serve.

When I got back home, the first thing I did was make biscuits in the air fryer as Paula taught me, but then again, that is another blog. I decided to make chicken n dumplings. I had a hard time finding chicken parts in most stores, and I do love breast meat for making my chicken salad. So, I decided to change things up slightly to help me get more than one dish out of the cooking. I choose to buy large whole chickens, which were approximately 5 pounds each. I had a new roaster I needed to test for upcoming shows on ShopHQ,

Two 5 pound chicken roasted
so I choose to roast my chickens covered. I just rubbed them with olive oil and salt and pepper. I roasted the chicken for 90 minutes at 350. Next, I removed the breast meat to make my homemade chicken salad. I then removed all the meat from the bones. I added all the liquid from the roaster, all the bones from the chicken, one box of chicken bone broth to my rice cooker with celery, onion, bay leaf garlic, and I added one carrot. I set a timer and let it cook for 30 minutes. Next, I defatted the stock, added in 3 cups of chicken meat, and the broken, frozen dumplings. I set a timer for 30 minutes.
The chicken and dumplings were outstanding! No matter which recipe technique you use, this is a budget family-friendly dish that will bring all of you comfort. I pray from the bottom of my heart; you all stay safe and healthy. ALL my love! Deb Murray
For Paula’s products and the cook’s Companion Rice Cooker here are links:
Paula Deen’s Chicken N Dumplings Recipe

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