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July 20, 2019

Dry Ice – Ice Cream

Post by Debra Murray

Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream
This is an easy vanilla ice cream recipe which you can use in most ice cream makers or in an instant with dry ice National Ice Cream Day is Sunday July 21st.  It is blazing hot here in my home state of Florida,  shoot it is even hot in Alaska this summer,  I can’t think of a better thing to have on a hot summers day than to indulge in some delicious Ice Cream.  Since National Ice Cream Day is on a Sunday, I would recommend for folks to plan an intentional trip to their favorite creamery and indulge in your favorite flavor,  or you could make homemade ice cream at home.  Homemade Ice Cream is so delicious,  it can be such a fun activity as well.
old fashioned ice cream maker
Old Fashioned Ice Cream Maker.                                           There are lots of different methods for making homemade Ice Cream,  when I was young there was a hand crank type Ice Cream Maker where you would use salt and ice and it was physically demanding.  It made delicious soft consistency Ice Cream, but it would take a while.
Canister Ice Cream Maker
Canister Ice Cream Maker

The next method for making homemade Ice Cream is the Canister type ice cream machines. The cannister type come with a canister with coolant in it,  you store it in your freezer for 24 hours,  then it goes with a motor and a paddle,  so you pour in your ingredients and the motor stirs the mixture while shaving in tiny little ice crystals. This is easier than the old-fashioned  way above,  it would take about an hour to make a soft serve ice cream.

Ice Cream Compressor
Ice Cream Compressor

There are also compressor Type Ice Cream Makers these are awesome because you do not have to prechill the bucket,  the ingredients do not have to be ice cold.  All you do is pour in the ingredients and press start and the machine shuts off when there is too much resistance on the paddle which means your ice cream is done. This is what I have at home,  I love it,  but it is big, and it is heavy, and they are expensive,  however if you love frozen confections like myself you will never be without it.

scoop of strawberry ice cream
Cream and delcious Strawberry Ice Cream

However, if you want to make homemade ice cream and you don’t have one of these awesome machines,  you can make ice cream using dry ice and your ice cream will be done in minutes.

dry ice
dry ice

Simply make your ice cream base recipe,  I have included one below.  You will use ¼ of crushed dry ice adding it in slowly to your base while mixing,  in a matter of minutes your ice cream base will be frozen and creamy. You do need to use precautions when using dry ice. Dry Ice according to Wikipedia, “ is the solid form of carbon dioxide. It is used as a cooling agent;  it has a colder temperature than frozen water it is typically -109-degree farenheight so the burn you get if it touches your skin is frostbite.  Always use gloves when handling dry ice,  and when using it to make ice cream it is important the there are no big chunks.  I always use a food processor and pulverize the dry ice.  If you have extra dry ice the kids will have fun if you put it in water it will make smoke, always a crowd pleaser.  Making this as a family is like science and culinary arts at the same time with a very fast delicious payoff.  Click on the link below for the video.

Dry Ice ice Cream Recipe 

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