November 9, 2018

The Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey!

Post by Debra Murray

Delicious brined turkey breast

It is thirteen days till Thanksgiving!  I love Thanksgiving!  Turkey is my all-time favorite food!  I have tried every method possible to make the juiciest turkey possible.  I brine, cook upside down, inject, baste.  I work harder on my Thanksgiving turkey then some people do a real job!  LOL.  But it’s not work when you are creating the perfect meal for a treasured family get together.

If you are not like me, if all the work to create a perfect turkey is not our thing, maybe you even pick up a turkey from your favorite deli and reheat, I need your undivided attention.  Agostino Foods has been in business for over 100 years created gourmet delicious food.  They have outdone themselves this time.  For Thanksgiving they have partnered with Evine Television Retailers to create the most delicious, tender, juicy, easy Thanksgiving Turkey you will have ever made at a remarkably low price.  The turkeys are grown on a farm in eastern Pennsylvania the turkeys are antibiotic free, hormone free, vegetarian grain fed free range turkeys.  The roast come brined (with my secret brine recipe I shared with them) You can get them stuffed with an amazing apple almond stuffing.  The come in oven roast bags so you don’t even dirty a pan.  They cook in about 1 hour and are boneless s 100% yield.  They are a remarkable low price for Sunday only, they will come frozen in a couple of days, so you will plenty of time to thaw, no standing in long lines to get your turkey.  They come with 100% money back guarantee!  You have nothing to lose!  Tune in Sunday or you can order from the website. Don’t miss it!  !


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