October 31, 2018

Seasonal Shayprons Hit the Shelves!

Post by Debra Murray

Introducing the Worlds first figure-flattering fashion apron in reversible sequins for your entertaining holiday needs.
I have been working on the concept of The Shaypron for well over a decade, my late husband, Martin, gave me the idea when he pointed out how heavy a very famous thin person looked in the bib apron they were selling. It made me very conscientious of how regular aprons did not make any woman look good, not even perfect skinny models. I began making my own aprons by deconstructing dresses. Then, my girlfriend, Colleen Schumacher, helped me make my first one from a halter dress pattern. I had put my apron ideas aside until an old friend inspired me to go back to the drawing board.
This Holiday Shaypron is my absolute favorite, I designed it so if you love to entertain as I do, I put so much into the food and the display, lots of times I would look a hot mess. With the Holiday Shaypron, a top and a pair of leggings and you poo on the Shaypron, and you are an entertaining Goddess. The design is a gather v- neck with sides and back in a lightweight easy to clean polyester, the apron has pockets for your cell phone and the sequins are reversible, you can flip them up to make the apron black or make a variety of patterns, your guest will have so much fun with this.
Evine the television retailer I appear on regularly is the only place this apron is sold. For their Holiday Cooking event, they are selling this apron at almost 50% off. So anytime on November 1st if you order by calling the toll free number or going to their website you can get one of these beautiful aprons home. Order by how you by t-shirts, I wear Large – X large, they come in small/med and 2x/3x. There are more fabric and cuts than in a regular dress which to manufacture is extremely expensive, but it was the only way I could make sure you would look good.

I wanted to do something big this Christmas to make a difference in the world, I have been telling my close friends this for some time now. I was at lunch with my girlfriend Jane Morse-Swett who started the Charity Woman with Purpose almost 10 years ago and had helped hundreds of woman and men with cancer in my community, I am so proud of Jane she has made it her lives work to help people. I decided this morning to give all the royalties from the sale of this event to Jane’s Organization. Here is Jane’s group, you should see all the remarkable things they have done and the wonderful they have helped so graciously. www.womenwithpurposefl.org/
The Holiday Shaypron will only be on sale at the low price November 1st for 24 hours or sell out whichever comes first. Click here to shop!

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