October 26, 2018

Rice Cookers are Good for More than Rice

Post by Debra Murray

Rice Cookers are for Pasta and vegetables

The first time I saw a rice cooker was in 1998. Martin Yan had come to HSN to sell this machine which made perfect fluffy rice with one push of a button. I must admit I had never made rice that good in a saucepan, but the idea of a product only doing rice seemed absurd to me. Several years later while I was working with Chef Wolfgang Puck I was presented with a 7 cup rice cooker that he was to sell and I needed to write a plan to demonstrate it. This is where my love affair began with Rice Cookers. Obviously the rice was remarkable, but at the time I was not eating carbs so I needed it to do more. I started with things like scrambled eggs, then moved to soups and stews, then baking. I had found a piece of equipment that made really delicious food using steam which is so much healthier then saute in oil, my favorite part was how it would switch to keep warm. I wrote my second cookbook called Rice Cooker Creations. https://www.amazon.com/Rice-Cooker-Creations-Debra-Murray/dp/B0014TMNZG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1540557325&sr=8-1&keywords=rice+cooker+creations+with+debra+murrayhttp://https://www.amazon.com/Rice-Cooker-Creations-Debra-Murray/dp/B0014TMNZG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1540557325&sr=8-1&keywords=rice+cooker+creations+with+debra+murray I wrote the book for my daughter. She was preparing to go off to college and a rice cooker is one of the only pieces of cooking equipment allowed in most dorms. As a result of the rice cooker and the recipes my daughter made dinner every night for her roommates, the girls would clean up, they shared the cost of the groceries not to mention they formed a sort of family bond that sitting at a dinner table can do.

Recently my dear friend Mary Brandes asked me if I could give her granddaughter Madi Brandes and her roommate Hallie Roe a rice cooker cooking class. Madi and Hallie are roommates in college and they are not happy with the food in the cafeteria, they had been surviving on easy mac and were looking for healthy alternatives.

We had a blast! I taught the girls using the newest version of rice cooker I sell, it’s called the Instacooker, I wrote a book with easy one pot wonders to go with it, but the book will work with any rice cooker. I taught the girls, Mac n Cheese, chicken stir-fry lo mien, easy tacos, scrambled eggs and how to bake a cake. The girls were awesome students! It melted my heart when Hallie said they could host family dinners at their dorm. It has been my ministry since day one to bring people together to the table to share their day and good food. It’s not easy in this era when we all have so many activities and distractions, but an easy cooking appliance like the Instacooker can really help. Here is a video showing you how to make my Instacooker Macaroni and Cheese.http://https://youtu.be/f0smB9ui3j4

World Launch of Debra Murray’s latest book.

I have regular appearances on the shopping channel Evine, this Sunday October 28, we will feature the Instacooker, if you can tune in the price is typically reduced for The Sizzle the two hour show which features cooking products it starts at 10 am eastern time. If you have college students or young adults who you think would benefit from cooking please share this blog. Happy Cooking!

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