August 30, 2018

Best Air Fryer Recipe for French Fries

Post by Debra Murray

Crunchy Delicious Air Fries

It is so exciting to see how widespread the appliance the Air Fryer has become.  You can hardly switch the television channel and not see a commercial on them; they are on the shelf in department stores everywhere.  The other morning my radio show The Joy FM was discussing which air fryer to buy.

When air fryers first made their appearance in the cooking scene they were costly around 300.00. For a three quart model.  I received my first air fryer to experiment with four years ago.  I must admit I was skeptical. First, I had used oil-free machines before, and they did not have the intensity of rapid hot air that these new models have.  I was very impressed when I did my first batch of frozen tater tots.  They were super crispy in minutes.  But I wanted more!  If it’s an air fryer,  then it must fry with oil!  The manufacturer explained that the intense rapid hot air created by a massive fan directly over the heating element gave a super hot convection cooking effect.  If the food was tossed or sprayed with oil in most cases, it would get super crispy like fried food.  I was intrigued at the thought of fewer calories, less expense, and none of the mess of deep frying.

I started where any good cook would start:  French Fries.  I did not want to buy frozen fries and reheat – (this machine is brilliant for that!)  I adore real potatoes twice fried in oil!  I desired Pommes frittes!  I played with dozens of techniques trying to obtain a creamy on the inside crunchy on the outside french fry.  The air fryer did get me close on the first try,  but it was not perfect.  Here it is four years later,  hundreds of recipes then I have achieved French Fry perfection in my opinion.

Here is a quick video on how to achieve these delicious crunchy air fries.  Feel free to share.

If you would like more recipes for your air fryer to see the link for my air fryer cookbook which works with any air fryer.

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