August 7, 2018

Best Method For Cooking Fish – The Flip Pan

Post by Debra Murray

If you enjoy delicious, perfectly cooked fish.  You know how hard it is to,  keep the fish moist, keep the fish from falling apart, getting a good sear on the fish.  In restaurants, Chef’s in modern times are using the sous vide method to cook the fish under pressure infused with aromatics or citrus then they sear it right before serving.  Now you can get that same flavor and texture with a revolutionary new cooking device called The Flip Pan.  You actually low pressure cook the fish infusing with herbs or citrus and searing or getting grill marks on the fish,  plus with the Flip Pan, you flip the pan not the food.  So the fish does not fall apart.  Tuesday, August 7 at 6 – 8 pm eastern on Evine the shopping channel,  you can watch the Flip pan in action.


The Flip Pan is a remarkable cooking innovation,  it is two rectangle pans hinged together with a gasket,  so you flip the pan,  not the food.  So hard to cook things like eggs, omelets, fish you can flip effortlessly without a spatula.  The pan design keeps splatter in the pan,  so things like bacon are easier to cook without harm.  Not to mention the rectangle design allows you to cook 40 more food than in a round fry pan.

The patented hinge and gasket cause the Flip Pan to become a low pressure, pressure cooker.  Locking in flavors and nutrients so food cooks faster, has more flavor and vegetables have more nutrient and color retention than traditional cooking where all that escapes.

The DNA of this pan is unlike any other pan in the culinary industry,  the interior is made of die-cast aluminum,  it is cast in a mold like a cast iron,  aluminum performs like cast iron with its ability to conduct and retain heat,  however, it is not as heavy.  After the casting the pan is then wrapped with Titanium and ceramic,  these materials, strengthen the pan, and give you a PFOA<PTFE free surface,  so the nonstick is health and not needing tons of oils or sprays  The final finish is Diamond Dust. The Diamond dust traditional used in sharpening knives is super hard surface and one of the best Thermal heat conductors.  So you get easy to handle, chemical-free nonstick which is a fast heating machine.

Although the pans are hinged together, the pans can be used independently,  one side is a griddle,  one side is a grill pan.  So you can make fabulous crepes, or score the prettiest of steaks or burgers.  When the pans are hinged together they create a low-pressure environment,  so you can literally pressure fry fried chicken just like the Colonel,  with no mess or smell.  Check out our website for the free original recipe.

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