June 15, 2018

Super Hydration For The Summer Heat – Hydrogen Water

Post by Debra Murray

I first started researching Hydrogen water several years ago after talking with a friend who had experienced remarkable results from drinking this type water.  I have always been excited about alternative methods to achieve  optimum health.

I saw an article in the times speaking of Saks Fifth Avenue selling Hydrogen water on their “Wellery Floor”. I found it interesting that a high end fashion retailer would dedicate an entire floor to wellness.  People care about looking good and feeling good, proper hydration plays a key component in beauty and health.

When Hydrogen water is becoming so popular is not just the papers coming out discussing the different benefits,  I think the thing I notices first is how easy the water is to absorb. The average water is made up of molecule clusters,  approximately 15-20 molecules per cluster.  By adding hydrogen gas into the water through electrolysis the clusters become micro clusters,  4-6 molecules per cluster.  That is why one of the claims hydrogen water can make is it increases cellular hydration and decreases cellular stress.  I am no rocket scientist,  but if my cells are hydrated I would think my overall health could be better.  In addition to the easier absorption of the water the key component is hydrogen is Natures Most Powerful Antioxidant.  You would have to live in a very sheltered world if you not aware of the necessity to increase the amount of antioxidants to combat the free radicals we are exposed to.  To have caloric free, easy to absorb antioxidants, especially for our cells, makes

Super charged water bottle


for a great argument as to why to drink this type water.

There are expensive systems you can buy for your homes, there are prepackaged hydrogen waters average price $2.75 for 10 ounces,  you can buy tablets which I have not tried.  There are personal hydrogen water generators which can cost upwards of $100’s of dollars.  For a very limited time on Evine the television retailer in Minneapolis I will have a Personal Hydrogen water generator for under $50.00 on 6 interest free payments.  Evine gives you a 30 day money back guarantee so you can test the product at home.  I would highly recommend you try it,  see if you feel better.  I notice a difference if I skip one day.  The first airing will be this Sunday June 17th 10 am eastern time.  You can watch online anytime after the first airing their will be a video you can watch the presentation.  Earlier versions have sold out in a matter of hours not days.  This one is very unique with its features and designs.  It will generate 1000 parts per billion of hydrogen gas into the 14 ounce crystal container in just a few minutes with a brilliant light show.

Summer is when we need the hydration the most.  So why just hydrate?  Why not super Hydrate?!  The discounted price on this product does not start till Sunday,  Father’s Day  https://www.evine.com/Product/473749?icid=InternalSearch_Product_473749&search_text=473749

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