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April 7, 2018

Cooking With Out Heat

Post by Debra Murray

In the past decade the concept of induction cooking has become very popular and very affordable.  The first stoves from two decades ago were the price of a new car.  For the most part you can get an induction cooktop for just a little more than a ceramic cooktop.

Cooking with induction is my favorite cooking surface.  The reason is you have the ability to control the precise temperature of the pan,  similar to using an electric appliance,  when you set the burner to a certain time and temperature the burner maintains that temperature of the pan.  This is done differently then conventional cooking,  the cooktop does not heat at all.  Instead there is a signal omitted from the burner to the molecules in the pan,  similar to a cell phone frequency.  The signal causes the molecules to rapidly move around to create friction,  so the pan heats to the signal the copper coil inside the burner is sending.  You do need to have cookware that has a magnetic bottom,  Most cookware being sold presently has the magnetic bottom.  All cast iron cookware is magnetic.

Cooking with induction is safe,  because the burner will even shut off if the pan gets too hot,  unlike regular cooking if a pan is unattended it can catch fire,  with induction when a pan gets too hot the burner shuts off.  You cook so much faster,  the pan instantly heats,  water boils in half the time,  so dinner is cooked faster,  but still my favorite part is controlling the temperature of a pan.  Frying eggs at too high of a temperature will result in the eggs sticking on even the best nonstick.  To cook eggs with little or no oil you should fry eggs around 200- 250 degrees F.  Deep frying can be done effortlessly you set the burner to 350 and the oil stays at the perfect temperature.  You can even just set on keep warm for hours on end.

Evine the television shopping channel out of Minneapolis will be offering a super high quality glass induction burner with a Ditanium (diamond dust in the coating)coated pan Sunday April 8 and Monday April 9th.   The shows start on Sunday morning in the cooking show called The Sizzle with Chef Allison Waggoner at 9 am eastern.

This gorgeous portable cooktop is perfect for spring entertaining, summer vacations or just cooking dinner faster and easier.  Check your cable guide for listings or watch the live show online at www.evine.com.  The product is called Cook’s Companion 1500w Patterned Induction Burner with 11inch Ditanium Sauteuse pan.

I hope you can join the live show,  if you have one of our previous models,  tell your friends to watch and please call in and tell everyone about your experience.  Happy Cooking!

Deb Murray

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