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January 31, 2018

Open Top Stand Mixer

Post by Debra Murray

I love to bake!  Ever since I was a little girl I adored making baked goods with my family, friends, girls scouts.  The right recipes can bring such joy with minimal cost and effort.

I took a cake decorating class 15 years ago,  I wanted to master making beautiful cakes that I could give to my friends or family.  The classes were so fun.  I did learn fast that tasting was not a good idea,  the sugar could really throw off my day.  I would measure out all my ingredients, double check against the recipe everything was out there then begin mixing.  Because buttercream takes about 20 minutes start to finish I always used a stand mixer.  I adore my stand mixer!  But my $300.00 mixer had a few draw backs when it came to scraping the bowl to make sure all the ingredients are perfectly mixed you would have to stop mixing and tilt the head back and sometimes it could get messy.

Two years ago on Evine I was introduced to an open stand mixer,  the motor is on the base,  not over the bowl.  It had a super powerful direct drive motor and it made it easy to add ingredients.  But that’s not where my love affair began.  The mixer has 3 silicone spatulas attached to scrape the bowl and center post.  Not to mention it had two paddles, two, whisks, two dough hooks.  So the mixing process whether it be a huge batch of cookies, yummy buttercream, homemade bread or making divinity.  This device did it 50 percent faster and the mixing was so much more thorough.

Evine the television retailer will be having a major clearance on the remainder of their baking items on Feb 1 & 2nd.  Check your television guide for local listings,  or you can watch live on you tube,  or you can just click on the link below the clearance prices will be activated on that day only.  If you have a baker in your family it is well worth just watching the video.  This machine is a game changer.  It makes making homemade even easier than ever before.  http://www.evine.com/Product/468-150?icid=InternalSearch_Product_468-150_cooks-companion

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