January 29, 2018

Air Fryer craze, is it here to stay?

Post by Debra Murray

I remember the very first air fryers to make the cooking scenes over a decade ago.  The were huge, expensive, and most of them still used a 1/4 cup of oil so there were some fat calories in the equation.

The air fryers that most of us are seeing in the market place really do make a lot of food with very little oil taste and feel like fried food.  The method is setting a huge convection fan directly over the heating element with the food position directly below.  The forced rapid hot air gives food lightly touched with oil the same crispy mouth feel as deep fried foods without all the calories.

You can use the air fries for more than just air frying,  you can toast, roast, reheat leftover pizzas,  make awesome toasted sandwiches.  Anything wrapped in bacon is off the charts.

Lot’s of people ask me which is the best air fryer to buy.  Well that s a loaded question.  Paying more does not necessarily mean you get more.  Bigger does not necessarily equate to more food faster.

First things to consider is what are you going to use it for.  I have 5 air fryers at my home.  I write and test models for various brands.  I use each one for different things.  If you are going to do air fried foods from scratch,  for instance, fries from potatoes, crispy wings then you need the highest wattage,  I would also choose a small to medium size.  The smaller the air fryer the more concentrated the rapid air flow.  If you are going to do bone in air fried or roasted chicken parts or an air fried turkey breast go with a larger air fryer and do make sure it has at least 1700 watts.

I personally prefer a single basket design and I highly recommend a ceramic coating on the inside for durability.

I will be posting lots of recipes here for air frying.  I adore the way the food comes out.  I like that teens or seniors can operate an air fryer and the all turn themselves off so they are safe.  If you only buy them to just bake potatoes in under an hour or have the best roasted vegetables of your life,  I assure you, you will not regret your purchase.

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