Eating Healthy Just got Easier!

January 11, 2018

Super Easy Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Post by Debra Murray

My New Years Resolution like millions of American’s is to do better.  Try and eat better (less refined carbs)  drink more hydrogen water, and exercise more.

The problem with the first resolution is it takes work and creativity to stay on that plan.  Whenever I eat wheat products or lots of sugar I am always bloated in the mid section.  But I love pizza and sandwiches!  Help to the rescue!

I have been making cauliflower crust for years,  but there is quite a few steps to getting a real crust texture.  Trader Joe’s nailed it with their frozen premade crust.

The price of the crust is around $3.50.  Not bad consider just a head of cauliflower can cost $2.50 and that’s not your eggs and cheese.

For best results use a pizza oven if you have one.  (We have a great one on sale on the shopping channel Evine this Wednesday beginning at midnight eastern.)  If you don’t have a pizza oven follow the instructions on the box.  I did not cook it top and bottom first the first time I bought the crust.  This time I precooked in my pizza oven cooking top and bottom in my pizza drawer for 15 minutes.  It was so like the texture of a pizza crust when the pizza finished.  But it had so much more flavor.

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