September 27, 2017

Get It While It’s Hot

Post by Debra Murray

Nothing pairs better with football than grilling. From tailgaiting to backyard BBQ’s, steaks and dogs on the grill are the best addition to America’s favorite Sunday night ritual. Some folks, however, don’t have the luxury of rolling out a huge grill in their backyards. For those that want that “hot off the grill” taste without the hassle of coals and propane, we of course, have the solution.

Grill Anywhere
Made for countertops, the Cook’s Companion® Ceramic Nonstick Smokeless Indoor Grill & Induction Cooking Station is perfect for the winter months when cooking outside on the grill is not possible. Saving energy, the induction technology is a faster way of cooking, so there is less time to wait to heat up pans. The smokeless feature brings outdoors taste anywhere.

Induction & Smokeless Technology
Induction cooking heats a cooking vessel by magnetic induction, instead of by thermal conduction from a flame, or an electrical heating element. Because inductive heating directly heats the vessel, very rapid increases in temperature can be achieved. Offering quick easy cook times, this grill is a no-brainer.

In addition to offering quick-to-heat and quick-to-eat functionality, the Cook’s Companion Induction Grill comes equipped with a smokeless feature. Fans help to filter the smoke and odor during the grilling process. This is a great addition to reduce odors when cooking potent foods–crucial for housing where grills aren’t permitted.

Form & Function
The grill pan is ceramic coated making the clean-up a breeze. These grills create cooler kitchens compared to using non-induction stovetop such as gas or electric. Beyond cooking with efficiency, these grills offer a sleek design in copper, red, and silver to match any kitchen decor. Think dorms, campers, apartments, and condos. These grills are a must-have for tiny living!

Get It While It’s Hot
The last time these grills were offered on Evine, in May, they sold out in record time. Actual induction stovetops can cost as much as $6,000, but this Friday Cook’s Companion® Ceramic Nonstick Smokeless Indoor Grill & Induction Cooking Station will be offered at the lowest price EVER! Tune in Friday, at Midnight, 11am , 4 pm, 8 & 9 pm eastern

The holidays are right around the corner. These bad-boys will go fast! Snag yours and start scratching of your Christmas list. Use EVINE’s ValuePay to jumpstart your holiday shopping. With six interest-free payments, you can prepare for gift-giving on your terms!

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