August 11, 2017

The Newest Cookware to Rock Our Worlds!

Post by Debra Murray

This August, Cook’s Companion is celebrating their fourth anniversary! During its lifetime, this brand has surpassed its competitors in product quality and innovation! Offering cutting edge solutions, found no other place than Evine, Cook’s Companion holds true to its name.

Why We Love Cooks Companion
We’ve had the pleasure of working with Cook’s Companion to bring you Pressure Cookers (Deb’s lifeline in the kitchen!), Flip Pans (with over a quarter of a million sold!), and the Open Top Multifunctional Mixer (the only way we make it through holiday baking!) over the last four years. Their designs and technology have advanced faster than Deb’s hair!

Cook’s Companion cookware has been the muse to Deb’s favorite recipes. From air frying her Thanksgiving turkey to baking her Christmas cookies, Deb loves Cook’s Companion’s nonstick surfaces, even heat distribution, and easy cleanup. We believe your cooking is only as good as your tools (and we like to think our cooking is pretty darn good)!

Connect with Deb
This weekend, Cook’s Companion is bringing the latest and greatest cookware right off the “rock.” We’re so excited to demonstrate this newest product to grace our cupboards! As usual, Cook’s companion is “rocking” our worlds! See what we mean in action! Catch the state-of-the-art, non-stick addition to the Cook’s Companion family during the world launch, exclusive to Evine, Saturday at 11 pm! (You can catch Deb again on Evine, Sunday, at 10 am, 11 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, 8 pm, and  9 pm.)

If you’ve ever wanted to talk to Deb, pick her brain on recipes and technique, she will be streaming live from Evine’s Facebook on Saturday at 8pm EST. Deb will be talking with special guests Skip Connelly and Frankie Avalon! Discussing their favorite recipes and having fun with cooking, the gang is ready for your questions. This is your chance to chat with Deb during this special online airing!




Cook with The Best
There is no reason to feel guilty for splurging on timeless tools for your family’s kitchen. Offering the highest quality products at the best prices, Evine does one better by providing Value Pay– six-interest free payments. This way, you get cooking immediately without the burden of a big bill!

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