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July 28, 2017

Introducing: Baking’s ReMIX

Post by Debra Murray

Your mixer shouldn’t hide in the pantry until the fall and winter months! Pizza, fresh flatbreads, desserts, and batters are enjoyed year-round! We can all agree that cookie and bread doughs just aren’t the same out of a can. We love the hand-stretched taste and texture that comes from made-from-scratch recipes. However, these can be tedious with dragging out the giant mixer, scraping the sides to ensure even mixing, and intense cleanup.

What if we told you, oven baked goodness can be enjoyed with half the hassle? Cook’s Companion Open Top Mixer makes baking a breeze. Adding ingredients is simple, scraping the sides of the bowl can be done while mixing, and this unit is a fraction of the price of its clunky competitors.

Why we’ve gotten so used to heavy, hard-to-maneuver mixers is beyond us. In Deb’s wedding cake baking days, she spent most of her time unassembling mixers to scrape the sides. “I could have made an additional 100 cakes in that time!,” she said.

Don’t fall into the hype of the overpriced products on the market, with half the efficiency. We love the motor-on-the-bottom design, making it easy to add ingredients. The bottom drive system also reduces cleanup time. The Cook’s Companion Open  Top Mixer’s beaters can be used with batters, eggs, frosting, and cakes. For an added bonus, attach the scraper to the beaters to make sure you get everything on the side! There is no need to manually scrape the sides of the bowl and its easy-use-knob takes the guess work out of what setting to use on the mixer.

With six different speeds, the Cook’s Companion Open Top Mixer can handle any job, big or small. Its heavy duty 600-watt motor and suction cup feet keep you on task without breaks. At five pounds, this easy to move appliance can be stored anywhere in your kitchen, clearing countertops for daily prep. Form and function aren’t sacrificed at this price!

There’s no need to wait for Santa to place this must-have under your tree. With Evine’s Value Pay system, the Cook’s Companion Open Top Mixer can be yours immediately! With six interest-free payments, you can have your cake AND eat it too!

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