July 21, 2017

Cook’s Companion, Making Waves

Post by Debra Murray

We typically think of our microwaves as a quick, easy way to heat up leftovers. Given their bad rap of making food soggy, cooking food in microwaves is usually left for quick TV dinners. Using tin foil and metal cookware with good conductivity was off limits, until now.

Breaking the Mold
Cook’s Companion Microwave Non-stick Cookware has unprecedented patented heating technology. Its special material solves the dilemma that metal cannot be heated in microwave. This patented technology offers unique grilling effects, providing great textures and taste to microwaved food.  

About the Technology
The double sided tray design on this innovative cookware can enable the foods to both be heated on upper and lower sides, evenly cooking your favorite dishes. This cookware absorbs microwaves from the microwave oven and turns into thermal energy, then this energy is conveyed to the metal trays to cook food rapidly. The heating principles hold water content, food freshness, and nutrition content, providing great mouthfeel to your meals. Imagine stewing, frying, baking functionality from your microwave!

Designed to Please
You don’t have to sacrifice convenience for quickly made food, this cookware comes with a non-stick surface for easy cleanup. Cook’s Companion Microwave Non-stick Cookware is dishwasher safe and in a flexible and convenient size. With silicone handles, your cookware is safely removed without burns or long cooldown time. Of course with any Cook’s Companion product, you’re going to receive your choice of colors to coordinate with your other favorite cookware and accessories.

Who’ll Love It
Anyone with a microwave in their home, office, RV or dorm room can enjoy this cookware! Think road warriors stuck in hotel rooms with limited cooking options. This product brings fresh, delicious home cooked meals to any microwave oven. Grilled fish, chicken, and potatoes are readily available without the mushy results from microwaving conventionally.

How to Get It
Tune in to the The Sizzle Sunday at 10am and 11am EST to watch this bad boy in action! If online shopping is your thing, you can purchase here. With Evine’s flexible value pay system, you don’t have to wait until payday to get started making delicious meals in a jiff! Evine gives you up to six interest-free payments, easily fitting within your family’s budget. Most retailers expect full payment at point of checkout. Evine provides a similar service to layaway, except you get what you’re paying for immediately! This flexibility is great for young families looking to fill their home needs without breaking the bank.

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