December 30, 2016

Flippin’ Into 2017

Post by Debra Murray

salmonThis weekend, Deb is demonstrating the best value in cookware to date! Tune in this Sunday to see an exclusive tour of our favorite cooking pans. Deb will share her favorite recipes from her book “Flip Pan Revolution,” the 107-Recipe Hardcover Cookbook and feature the winning recipe from her Flip Pan Recipe Facebook Group.

With the beginning of a New Year, most of us make resolutions to try to live a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy meal planning and cooking play a pivotal role in that resolution. Constantly eating out and resorting to prepared foods can be detrimental to our waistlines and budget. Most of these foods are loaded with unnecessary calories and salt.

quicheSo, we present to you the latest in cooking innovation cookware.  It will make the cooking easier,  you will get better results, and you don’t need butter or fat to cook with due to the non-stick coating. We started a cooking revolution with our introduction of our beloved flip pan over 2 years ago with selling more than 250,000 units!  Exclusive to Evine, the Flip Pan is a cooking phenomena.

The Flip Pan is made of cast aluminum, so very sturdy, yet not too heavy. This pan conducts heat in warp speed around the entire pan, cutting cook times drastically. With the magnet hinge design, you flip the pan not the food, keeping omelets, pancakes, and stuffed chicken in tact, the way they’re meant to be served.

Imagine better looking food, with virtually no mess.  The gasket magnet cause the pans to be a low pressure cooker allowing foods to cook fast and juicy. Pair with Deb’s Flip Pan Cookbook for nonstop creativity in the kitchen. The rectangle shape creates space to cook more food in a smaller vessel–allowing users to cook entire meals in the same pan!

spaghettiMore than 7,800 members have joined our Flip Pan recipe Group on Facebook to share their thoughts and recipes on this amazing cookware. For the first time ever, we took the same material and designed a set to accompany the two of our most popular Flip Pans!  Just wait to see what all our square pans can do!

The sneak peek will be Sunday Morning January 1 in the Sizzle on Evine beginning 9 am eastern. The official launch will be 11pm eastern on Monday, January 2nd, then throughout the day Tuesday, the 3rd. We will be giving away 2 sets for the most original new Flip Pan recipe in our Flip Pan group on Facebook.

So start your New Year right,  with the right tools to achieve your healthy lifestyle. From recipes, pans, and help from Deb, this is the time to tackle a new year and new you. Cooking at home is only a step away to achieve easy, healthy, and delicious meals.

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