October 22, 2016

Crowd Pleasers From Your Countertop: Trick to Gourmet Pizza at Home

Post by Debra Murray

fullsizerender-10Pizza dates back to 997 AD and has become one of the most popular foods known to mankind. Kids and adults, alike, love the finger food. One can keep it simple with just cheese, make it vegan or gluten-free, or pile on the meat-lovers heaven. Pizza’s versatility keeps it a fan-favorite for parties and gatherings.

Not only is pizza fun to eat, it’s beyond easy to make! There’s no need to wait on a delivery driver to only bring you recently thawed dough and toppings packed with preservatives. You can make your own delicious and healthy pizza at home! And of course, Debra Murray and the Evine team are bringing you the best way to bake that pizza in your own personal pizza oven!

8b5dc86c-59d4-463b-bd21-d021609b3aaaPremiering this Sunday, the Cook’s Companion® 1200W 12″ Multi Function Countertop Pizza Oven will change the way you thought of your favorite food. This little pizza box bakes big flavor! Shaped like an actual pizza delivery cardboard box, the Cook’s Companion Countertop Pizza Oven bakes your pie perfectly while it rotates your dinner inside.

a8fbd9c2-6972-49a9-8032-9a62b9ebccdcFresh, frozen, thin, medium, thick or pan crust pizza, the Pizza Oven can do it all. The rotating stick-resistant 12″ cooking surface and dual heating elements on the top and bottom allows for even cooking with crisp and golden results. This gadget is perfect for dorm rooms, apartments or as a great alternative to firing up your oven every time you want a pizza.

92552473-3029-4dfd-926e-740524f8be60-1What’s more, this amazing appliance needs no preheating. Don’t worry about that oven or the grill, get this smart solution for your family. Not in a mood for chicken or pepperoni pizza? How about Reuben, Philly Cheesesteak or Quail Egg Pizza? Looking for something sweet? This week, Deb will demonstrate how she turns pop-in fresh dough into amazing Caramel Apple Pie Pizza (sprinkled with pecans and caramel)!



Below is a recipe that will get you a headstart on your pizza dough!

Pizza Dough
1/4 cup warm, water , 110 degrees
1 package active, yeast
1/2 teaspoon honey
1 3/4 cups all-purpose, flour
1/4 cup semolina, flour
1/4 cup extra-virgin, olive oil
1/2 teaspoon kosher sea, salt
nonstick, oil, spray

Combine water, yeast and honey in a glass measuring cup or small bowl. Let mixture
sit until foamy, about 5 minutes. In a medium bowl, combine 1 cup flour, semolina,
salt and oil. Add yeast mixture and hand mix until smooth

Making pizza at home is fun for the family and so inexpensive! This product is definitely a must-see for all pizza lovers. Tune-in to Evine’s The Sizzle this Wednesday for some novel pizza ideas (and to grab yours before they’re gone!)

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