October 18, 2016

The Secret to Getting the Best Out of Your Favorite Cookware!

Post by Debra Murray

463-743Enameled Cast Iron Cooking, the 119-recipe hardcover cookbook by Debra Murray premiers tonight! Exclusively on Evine, this cookbook features the best techniques for getting the most out of your coveted enamel cast-ware.

This breathtaking heirloom quality cookware can be passed on from one generation to the next! Cast iron cookware reminds us of home – whether it’s braising meat, simmering a fantastic stew, or baking some fabulous treat, a warmth goes through your soul when using these pans. Enameled Cast Iron has all the benefits of traditional cast iron, with the added benefit of a stick-resistant interior and exterior for great food release and cleanup. Function meets form while dressing up your kitchen with these colorful pans!

Deb works with the advantages of this cookware through her 119 recipes. She includes her most popular recipes like her breakfast stacks and tall calzones, and at least half of the book’s recipes have never been recorded or published. These exclusive recipes are only available in Enameled Cast Iron Cooking.

We have cooked with cast iron for thousands of years.  The way cast takes the heat, distributes heat and retains the heat makes it one of the most beloved cookware materials of all-time.  Almost 100 years ago, the first enameled cast iron pans came to the market. The bold hues and the lack of need to season the pans have made them extremely popular pans.

The versatility of these pans allows you to fry, sauté, steam, bake, roast and braise.  Enameled Cast Iron can cook on any stove or traditional oven! The added benefit of the pans is they make beautiful accent pieces. Since the pans hold the heat and add a pop of color, they make incredible serving pieces. When cooking is complete, simply bring the dish over to the table and enjoy!

This book shows you how to cook, clean, and get the best performance out of your enamel cast-ware. You’ve seen books from Deb on pressure cooking, flip pans, woks, and multi-cookers, now take an adventure with her and your enamel cast iron cookware.

Debra Murray shares her passion for cooking in this collection of cast iron recipes.  The recipes are easy-to-follow and have a huge range from baking, frying, roasting, steaming and grilling. Debra’s passion for cooking in these pans are expressed in the collection of recipes.  Featuring her favorite recipes, these pans will be brought to life!

Holiday shopping season is right around the corner! Here’s your chance to give the gift that keeps on giving (and snag one for yourself!) Tune in tonight, only on Evine.

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