September 16, 2016

We’re Taking the Pressure Off You, and Putting It On Your Food

Post by Debra Murray

multi-cooker-fallIf you’ve been following Debra Murray, you know we’ve ranted and raved about pressure cooking. The benefits are endless! Quicker meals, less mess, and amplified nutrients are all found in fall-apart meats, perfect fluffy rice, and savory sides. If you haven’t converted your cooking to pressure cooking, what are you waiting for? Are you intimidated by a new-to-you technology? Do you feel guilty splurging on a new appliance?

Well, we have great news! This weekend on Evine’s The Sizzle, Deb is offering her coveted cookbook, Debra Murray’s Best Pressure Cooker Book Ever, AND the Cook’s Companion digital pressure cooker at their lowest price yet! With these two paired together, you can create endless healthy and delicious meals in minutes! Deb’s no-frills approach to cooking produces the most decadent dishes with less ingredients, mess, and frustration!

brisketDeb’s easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions walk you through the pre-set functions on the digital pressure cooker. This is a no-brainer for college students, busy parents, and folks with hectic schedules. With prices this low, you can get one for yourself and start your Christmas shopping off with a bang!

pastaThis technology makes Sunday dinner brisket in an hour instead of all day! You can have one-pot meals from frozen in minutes! It’s a must have for every home. This pressure cooker not only makes delicious main dishes, but is also a rice and yogurt maker! It does it all!


With a little help from Deb in her cookbook jam-packed with 100 recipes, you’ll be off to the races, cutting your cook-time up to 80 percent! The pressure from the cooker punches food with flavor and nutrients that is usually lost in traditional cooking methods. It tenderizes frozen meats in minutes. The warming function allows you to serve dinner on your terms!

chicken-wingsPressure cookers have been transformed to 2016’s technology. The non-stick ceramic insert makes cleaning a breeze, the easy-to-read buttons take the confusion out of programming, and the pre-programmed functions consistently bring you the perfect texture and flavor you expect. Partner this pressure cooker with Deb’s go-to recipes for conquering even the pickiest eaters at dinner time!

These exclusive must-haves are only available for this low price Sunday on Evine’s, The Sizzle, at 10 and 11am EST. Tune is for Deb’s tips and tricks with her favorite appliance!

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