August 26, 2016

Back to the Dinner Table

Post by Debra Murray

Fall is almost here, kids are going back to school, and a lot of folks can get caught up in the day to day shuffle. Sometimes, putting dinner on the table is the last thing on our minds. We find it easier to swing by the drive-thru or local Applebees. This bad habit can kill our wallets and our waistlines.

one-pot-wonderDebra Murray brings you many tools to make cooking at home quick, easy, and inexpensive. You have heard us talking about these stress-free appliances, like the flip pan, pressure cooker, airfryer, wonderpot, and rice cooker.  These devices can be used to whip up recipes in a jiffy for those with a busy schedule or those that are new to cooking. Deb has dedicated her cookbooks to quick, easy, and uncomplicated recipes to get you started.

Her cookbooks give simple instructions and use ingredients you already have in the pantry. Her goal is to bring families back to the dinner table. These books used with Deb’s favorite devices take the time, hassle, and mess out of rushed suppers. Her techniques quickly cook food without sacrificing flavor, nutrients, or texture.

These recipes will not only save time and money, but they are written with nutrition in mind. You will know exactly what and how much of it is going in your food. This is essential for families with food allergies and dietary restrictions. Deb crafts your favorite dishes with less calories, fat, and sugars with the same great texture and taste.

fries-sideFrom sides to one-pot-wonders, Deb covers it all. The busy mom or dad can throw together a quick pressure-cooked casserole in minutes or air fry their favorite potato side. Deb gives cooks the option to make dinners as simple as possible. If you want to get fancy, she has the finishing touches for desserts, too!


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