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August 19, 2016

Another Flip Pan Revolution!

Post by Debra Murray

bucatini-pastaIt is our third anniversary on Evine, and to celebrate we are launching our newest member to the family! There will be a sneak preview on Sunday morning on The Sizzle with host Allison Waggoner. Then, the official Worldwide Exclusive Launch will be at 10pm Eastern.

Over 250,000 of these amazing innovations have been sold on Evine, Debra Murray has dedicated three cookbooks to this culinary must-have, and more than 6,600 (and growing) Flip Pan fans share recipes daily in our Facebook group. These phenomenal Flip Pans are an exclusive product to Evine. You can’t get them anywhere else! What makes these Flip Pans so remarkable, is their unique material and design.

fried-chickenCook to a turn!
Cook, grill, roast or sear. This unique pan closes around your food so it can be flipped to cook without releasing moisture or flavor into the air! No extra lids are needed to cover or remove and no need to constantly watch over your dishes being cooked. No splatter or mess is left in the kitchen! Flip your pan, not your food!

Flip Pan Design
They are two pans that hinge together forming a low-pressure cooker,  but come apart to make to incredible pans one with a grill surface allowing you to grill 365 days a year.  They are coated with the PFOA and PTFE-free toxin-free ceramic,  allowing you to cook without fats and butter,  but safe for you and the environment. You can cut calories, time, and mess with the innovative Flip Pan.

A quarter of a million of these Flip Pans have flown off our shelves and more than 6,600 folks have joined the Flip Pan Revolution on our Facebook page, using these unique cooking appliance to create their own masterpieces at home. Come see what the excitement is about! This does come with a warning label: be prepared to be hungry!!!

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