July 29, 2016

Fried Goodies Without the Guilt!

Post by Debra Murray

debra-murray-maple-bacon-glazed-donutThe fall months are quickly approaching with caramel apples and carnival creations. Fair foods are a fan favorite during these months with their crispy fried outsides and gooey centers. Maple bacon glazed doughnuts, Oreos, candy bars, elephant ears, you name it, it’s the season for fried goodies. Unfortunately, these sinful treats come with their share of calories.

What if we told you that you didn’t have to pay fair admission and loosen your belts to savor these yummy indulgences? We welcome the new Cook’s Companion Manual Air Fryer with Crisping Insert and Trivet! We’ve  taught you how to simply make your own wings and fries  with this culinary must-have. Well, one of our favorite kitchen gadgets is back and better than ever! We can’t wait to share with you this genius way to fry your favorite foods. On Sunday and Monday, TV retailer EVINE Live will launch the newest technology in air frying.

Frying with air sounds like a dream come true, but the Cook’s Companion Air Fryer makes this a reality for the at-home cooks! Foods kissed with oil have the same texture and mouthfeel as their deep-fried counterparts, without the fat and calories. The rapid air circulating the meat, veggies or desserts produce your favorite dishes without the mess, cost, and fat content of traditional frying!

Oilless fryers hit the market a decade ago that essentially gave you oven baked consistency, lower calories, but certainly not the crispy outside and creamy inside French fries we all know and love. Now a decade later, the technology has really turned these small appliances into a machine that fries with rapid hot air. The air fryer rapidly circulates hot air to cook fast crisping the outside giving the crunch of fried food with little to no oil.

debra-murray-cooking-fried-goodiesJoin us Sunday and Monday on EVINE Live where Deb will be demonstrating her favorite fried treat. Spoiler alert: she fills a strawberry with Nutella, dips it in chocolate and wraps it with pop-in fresh croissant dough! This creation comes out crunchy and crispy on the outside and melts in your mouth– a must-have snack for your next gathering! The guests will be talking about this party favor until next year!

No other retailer has this innovation which will give the best air frying results yet with an incredibly low price on the day of. Check EVINE’s program guide and tune in to learn how to fry candy bars and elephant ears, French fries and pickles without the hassle and mess! (Pssst… you may just want to skip the state fair this year and do it at home for less money and certainly fewer calories!)

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