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June 17, 2016

Introducing Our Newest Flip Pan Family Member

Post by Debra Murray

Tomorrow,  Saturday June 18th at 10 pm eastern and Sunday at 10 am Eastern meet the newest Flip Pan creation to join the EVINE Live Flip Pan family! If you’re new to the Flip Pan Revolution, your cooking routine is about to have a fabulous facelift. Our ever-growing Flip Pan Facebook group has more than 6,000 users sharing tips and recipes daily!

What’s the Hype All About?
The Flip Pan, an overnight cooking sensation is taking home cooks by storm! With eight different models in the family, we have begun a cooking revolution! Debra Murray has written three cookbooks dedicated to these easy-breezy pans.

This proprietary design allows cooks to flip food without breaking eggs, tearing fish or pancakes, and mostly, without sacrificing taste. The no-hassle pan eliminates the use of a spatula and less after-dinner scrubbing. Cooks of all levels can use the Flip Pan from quick grilled cheese to savory stuffed chicken breasts.

The induction pans distribute heat evenly, cooking food thoroughly inside and out. Despite their deep volume, Flip Pans are lightweight and easy to handle–cooking more food for hungry families more efficiently. Using less pans and stovetop space, this pan is a holiday dinner must-have!

Cook to a turn!
Cook, grill, roast or sear. This unique pan closes around your food so it can be flipped to cook without releasing moisture or flavor into the air! No extra lids are needed to cover or remove and no need to constantly watch over your dishes being cooked. No splatter or mess is left in the kitchen!

Featuring an induction cooktop-compatible base, beautiful fashion colors and a PFOA and PTFE free ceramic nonstick coating, the Cook’s Companion Cast Aluminum Ceramic Nonstick Versa Flip

Pan is one of a kind. This allows users to cook with less oil and fat at higher temperatures without worry.

These pans include a silicone gasket that seals the pan when shut to act as a low pressure cooker, perfect for steaming veggies and making the fluffiest omelets we’ve ever had! These Flip Pans also feature an ultra-powerful magnet that quickly and easily locks the handles shut when in use, sealing in all the moisture and flavor–creating a low pressure environment for tender juicy lean meats and nutrient rich vegetables in minutes.

Debra Murray, a long-time television cooking personality and cookbook author, and her friends have developed another 100 delicious easy recipes for all of the Flip Pans. The book and the pans are exclusive to the TV retailer Evine Live. Tune in this Saturday for the best Flip Pan value ever offered! Buy two for yourself or start your Christmas shopping early this year!

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