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December 18, 2015

We’re Flipping Out!

Post by Debra Murray

flippanTonight at 10pm EST on EVINE Live, we have a one-hour show titled “Flip Pan Revolution”–because our flip pans have revolutionized how we cook.  Instead of flipping our food, we flip the pan holding our food. This makes for less mess and time cleaning batter and splatters off your stove tops!

This Swiss army knife for cookware grills, pressure cooks, sautés, and steams all-in-one. The gasket holding the two pans together and the magnets on each pan’s handle make them a low pressure frying pan–allowing you to cook food faster with more flavor and nutrient retention. No other network or retailer has these pans and we have sold over 135,000 since the start.

Come and see what people who love to cook (and people who hate to cook) have to say about our amazing innovation. There are more than 4200 Flippers in the facebook social media group who are cooking up a storm with their Flip Pans! Check out our Flipper Army’s Flip Plan Creations:

Flip Pan Biscuits and Gravy










“Country fried steak and white milk gravy in the big momma. Mashed potatoes, white beans and biscuits. Yep dinner is done.”- Lorri Graham Keith



Flip Pan Chicken Parm










“Easy dinner tonight. Recipe in files. Just close lid and cheese melts quickly.”-Georgina Budney



Flip Pan Ribs








“Speechless” Ribs … Baked in the Big a Momma”-Michele Paul



Flip Pan White Northern Beans Flip Pan southern potatoes with peppers and onions Flip Pan Turnip Greens

“Think I flipped out. Turnip greens in the pan of my new steamer set, southern potatoes with peppers & onions in my nonstick iron skillet, white northern beans in my PC, & fat back or salted pork in the deep part of my triple flip. Oh & of course cornbread.”- Sharon Huskey


Another one from Sharon:

Flip Pan Biscuits Flip Pan Sausage 

“Debra Murray, Josephine Cook: thank you so much! I love this nonstick cast iron. I may have to find a way to get more. 7 frozen hot old folks sausage. Placed in pan medium, waited for sizzle Timed 2 min 15 second. Opened flipped with tongues. Cooked another 2 minutes & 10 seconds. Perfect the way I like them. Good & done with a little crunch! Can’t believe my round flip held 7 pieces of sausage! No overcrowding. Cooked Grands flaky biscuits in my 10″ cooks companion cast iron nonstick no added fat 12 minutes on 450%. 1 glass of nonfat milk of course. According to MyFitnessPal only 516 calories/ 2 slices sausage, 1 biscuit, 1 tsp brown spicy mustard, 2 cups coffee, & 13 ounces of my milk. Fantastic!”- Sharon Huskey


The Round Flip Pan is ideal for everything from perfect pancakes (super hard to flip), crepes and quesadillas to cooking a pork chop to butter in under 30 minutes. This year’s most sought-after gift for any cook is still offering Christmas delivery. Tune in to preview the incredible new colors Blue Steel, Gold, Marsala, & Plum. Team this gem up with Debra’s book and you’ve just won Christmas! (We won’t tell that it was last-minute shopping either!)



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