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November 7, 2015

Shaypron: The First Figure Flattering Apron

Post by Debra Murray

Shaypron Dress ModelSunday dinners and the era of at-home family meals are making a resurgence. We’re realizing we need to slow down and bring tradition back. Most family customs are made in the kitchen, including the heart and soul of the apron. I put a twist on the tired cooking attire, to bring a fresh and sexy approach to “cookWEAR.”

My grandmother, who was the greatest cook that ever lived, only owned three to four nice dresses. She, however, had more than 20 aprons——one for canning, one for baking, the list goes on… These cheap coverings protected her clothing, but at the cost of looking drab.

Now, my grandmother wasn’t cooking on TV in front of millions. So, I didn’t put much thought into the style of aprons, just their functionality. This quickly changed after Suzanne Somers released her adorable gingham print apron. I was doing food styling for her, and one day after a show, my husband said, “If I were Suzzanne, I’d fire you.” He added, “She looks like she’s 40lbs heavier!” It hit me like a ton of bricks, that we’re already on TV, where the camera adds extra pounds, but here we are adding MORE with a boxy smock!

So, I went to work. I would buy dresses and cut the backs out of them, fashioning them into form-fitting aprons to wear on TV. Folks would call in wondering where to buy them. After trying 60 different designs over seven years, I finally found a style to fit virtually everyone. Alas, the birth of Shaypron: The Figure Flattering Apron.

The Shaypron’s empire waist and custom cuts, are complimenting on every body type and size. The generous fabric wraps around to the backside, whereas traditional aprons barely cover your front half. This innovation protects pants and skirts from becoming flour magnets. The easy-to-wash polyester blend is wrinkle free and retains it’s shape, thus, flattering yours!

The Shaypron isn’t just about looking fabulous, it takes the pressure off the hostess to hurry, cook, get ready, and attempt to serve without ruining her clothes! Throw on some leggings and a tunic with the Shaypron and have an adorable outfit worthy of any entertainer extraordinaire! The high cuts trump the typical bibs, saving clothes from splattering spaghetti sauce and stains. The tie-neck is easily adjustable for woman of any any height. And coming in S/M, L/XL, and 2X/3X, there’s a solution for everyone.

Toss the socks and bathrobes for this affordable and adorable gift idea.This holiday-must have is on sale now at EVINElive.com. Quantities are limited, so get yours now! Be sure to tune in this Monday night to catch me and the new Shaypron on air!

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